Mapping Leopardi: Poetic and Philosophical Intersections
Emanuela Cervato, Editor, Mark Epstein, Editor, Giulia Santi, Editor

Are you curious about the private laboratory of Giacomo Leopardi, Italy's greatest modern lyrical poet? Interested in using expert maps to explore it, while deepening your acquaintance with one of the most creative materialist thinkers? This collection of essays makes very original use of the new translation of Leopardi's Zibaldone di pensieri and investigates its connections to all his other works. Whether your primary interest lies in Italian literature and criticism, linguistics and poetics, the origins of genres such as the fantastic, or in philosophical queries regarding materialism and hedonism, this collection offers original research that will challenge the reader to view this outstanding intellectual in a new light. Offering some of the earliest reflections against anthropocentrism, championing the artist's interest in the natural sciences, and questioning humanity's purpose(s) in this world, Leopardi's work is presented in this volume as an indispensable tool to understand the complexity of Italy's cultural transformations between the 18th and the 19th centuries.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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