Perspectives on Language Structure and Language Change : Studies in Honor of Henning Andersen
Heltoft, Lars, Igartua, Iván, Joseph, Brian D., Schøsler, Lene, Kragh, Kirsten Jeppesen

This volume centers on three important theoretical concepts for the study of language change and the ways in which language structure emerges and turns into new structure: reanalysis, actualization, and indexicality. Reanalysis is a part of ongoing everyday language use, a process through which language is reproduced and changed. Actualization refers to the processes through which a reanalyzed structure spreads throughout single communities and society. Indexicality covers the way in which parts of a linguistic system can point to other parts of the system, both syntagmatically and paradigmatically. The inclusion of indexicality leads to fine-grained analysis in morphology, word order, and constructional syntax.

John Benjamins Publishing Company
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