Modernization and Accountability in the Social Economy Sector
Ferreira, Augusta da Conceicao Santos

The social economy sector (SES) faces pressures for greater accountability to their funders, users, and citizens, and a growing need to report good practices in the social, economic, and financial impact that they have on the community. However, these entities often face difficulties related to the lack of an accounting framework that allows them to properly disseminate the results of their activities. Thus, practices that involve financial reporting and an assessment of their social, economic, and financial impact are needed to improve their accountability, sustainability, and operational performance. Modernization and Accountability in the Social Economy Sector is an essential reference source that discusses future avenues of development for the management of SES entities, accounting, control in SES management, and measures of performance in the SES. Featuring research on topics such as online communication, social accounting, and value reporting, this book is ideal for managers, financial consultants, academicians, researchers, and students interested in accounting, management, internal control, auditing, and technology use in the SES.

Business Science Reference
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