Commercial Facilities Protection and Homeland Security
Frank R. Spellman

The thirteenth of a well-received and highly acclaimed series on critical infrastructure, Commercial Facilities Protection and Homeland Security is intended to help law enforcement, security specialists, managers, and anyone involved in protecting commercial facilities, handle the security threats that they deal with on a daily basis. The Commercial Services sector includes a diverse range of sites that draws large crowds of people for shopping, business, entertainment, or lodging. Facilities within this sector operate on the principle of open public access meaning that the general public can move freely without the deterrent of obstructive security barriers. The majority of these facilities are privately owned and operated, with minimal interaction with the federal government and other regulatory agencies. Since these facilities are not subject to the same security measures as an airport or an government building, they are a terrorist's dream. Commercial Facilities Protection and Homeland Security gives clear and straightforward guidelines on improving the security and the resilience of the commercial services sector. Readers will determine how to assess risk, identify assets, implement protective programs, create and emergency response plan, and much more.

Bernan Press
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