Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 15 : Selected Papers From 'Going Romance' 30, Frankfurt
Feldhausen, Ingo, Elsig, Martin, Kuchenbrandt, Imme, Neuhaus, Mareike

In 2016, the Going Romance conference series celebrated its 30th edition and the Goethe University of Frankfurt (Germany) had the honor of organizing this.The edited volume at hand presents a selection of 17 peer-reviewed articles, based on papers that were presented at this occasion. The volume covers a wide variety of phenomena, ranging from morphosyntax to prosody. Some are discussed from a synchronic perspective, others from a diachronic perspective, or in the context of language acquisition. In addition to frequently-studied languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish, this volume features lesser-studied varieties including Aromanian, Gallo, and Sardinian.

John Benjamins Publishing Company
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