Patently Mathematical : Picking Partners, Passwords, and Careers by the Numbers
Jeff Suzuki

Uncovers the surprising ways math shapes our lives—from whom we date to what we learn.How do dating sites match compatible partners? What do cell phones and sea coasts have in common? And why do computer scientists keep ant colonies? Jeff Suzuki answers these questions and more in Patently Mathematical, which explores the mathematics behind some of the key inventions that have changed our world.In recent years, patents based on mathematics have been issued by the thousands—from search engines and image recognition technology to educational software and LEGO designs. Suzuki delves into the details of cutting-edge devices, programs, and products to show how even the simplest mathematical principles can be turned into patentable ideas worth billions of dollars. Readers will discover • whether secure credit cards are really secure• how improved data compression made streaming video services like Netflix a hit• the mathematics behind self-correcting golf balls• why Google is such an effective and popular search engine• how eHarmony and find the perfect partner for those seeking a mate• and much more!A gifted writer who combines quirky historical anecdotes with relatable, everyday examples, Suzuki makes math interesting for everyone who likes to ponder the world of numerical relationships. Praise for Jeff Suzuki's Constitutional Calculus'Presents an entertaining and insightful approach to the mathematics that underlies the American system of government. The book is neatly organized, breaking down the United States Constitution by article, section, and amendment. Within each piece, Suzuki reviews the mathematical principles that went into the underlying framework.'—Mathematical Reviews'A breath of fresh air.... A reaffirmation that mathematics should be used more often to make general public policy.'—MAA Reviews

Johns Hopkins University Press
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