Translation Practice in the Field : Current Research on Socio-cognitive Processes
Risku, Hanna, Rogl, Regina, Milošević, Jelena

This volume presents recent research that follows translators, interpreters and translation project managers into their various work contexts and environments. It extends the scope of analysis of translation research from individuals and texts to collectives in their social and material worlds. Particular attention is paid to current translation and interpreting practice, the genesis of translations, the handling and completion of translation projects in real workplaces and the factors that shape these translation/interpreting situations.Covering fields as diverse as technical and literary translation, transcreation and church interpreting, the chapters show just how varied translation and interpreting processes and workplaces can prove to be. They provide new insights into the effects of the increasing use of technology in the translation workplace and the manifold requirements placed on translators and interpreters in a heterogeneous and fast-changing field of practice.Originally published as special issue of Translation Spaces 6:1 (2017).

John Benjamins Publishing Company
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