Analyzing Multidisciplinary Uses and Impact of Innovative Technologies
Emiliano Marchisio

Technology faces rapid advancements every year, and each year, its uses in various facets of society increase and become more profound. Every discipline has adopted technology in some capacity. From FinTech in the business realm to phygital churches in the realm of religion, innovation is applicable everywhere. It is essential that professionals study how to use these advancements to their advantage and also to examine their impact on society and its multitude of sectors. Analyzing Multidisciplinary Uses and Impact of Innovative Technologies discusses the many uses and impacts of innovative technology in society. It guides the reader through these emerging technologies and provides examples and strategies on how they are used. This book further specifically analyzes the many ways these innovations have impacted different sectors such as education, medicine, and media. Covering topics such as pharmacovigilance, assistive technology, and sustainable tourism, this premier reference source is an essential resource for government officials, community leaders, business leaders and managers, museum managers, hospital administrators, rehabilitation professionals, psychiatrists, faculty and administrators of education, students of higher education, researchers, and academicians.

Information Science Reference
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