Artificial Intelligence for Societal Development and Global Well-Being
Abhay Saxena, Ashutosh Kumar Bhatt, Rajeev Kumar

Artificial intelligence has become an invaluable tool in modern society and can be utilized across fields such as healthcare, travel, education, and construction. There are numerous benefits for companies, industries, and governments when adopting this technology into their daily operations as it continues to evolve to support the needs of society. Further study on the challenges and strategies of implementation is required in order to ensure the technology is employed to its full potential. Artificial Intelligence for Societal Development and Global Well-Being considers the various uses, best practices, and success factors of artificial intelligence across fields and industries and discusses critical ways in which the technology must be developed further for the good of society. Covering a range of topics such as smart devices, artificial neural networks, and natural intelligence, this reference work is crucial for scientists, librarians, business owners, government officials, entrepreneurs, scholars, researchers, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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