Innovative Approaches for Nanobiotechnology in Healthcare Systems
Touseef Amna, M. Shamshi Hassan

Innovative and fusion technologies have shown an incredible ability to improve various aspects of society, such as healthcare systems. Nanobiotechnology is one such technology that is being applied to medical equipment and treatment approaches. Many pharmaceutical and medical companies have begun to count on medical nanotechnology due to its abundant applications and practical uses. Innovative Approaches for Nanobiotechnology in Healthcare Systems is a pivotal reference source that provides insights into a comprehensive collection of novel techniques used for the development of safe drugs using the available resources for diverse deadly diseases. This book discusses the various platforms of nanobiotechnology that are utilized in various fields. It is expected that bionanosytems will play a crucial role in the treatment of human diseases and the improvement of existing healthcare systems. This book is ideal for scientists, biotechnologists, microbiologists, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, academicians, and students.

Medical Information Science Reference
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