Optimal Planning of Smart Grid With Renewable Energy Resources
Naveen Jain, Jai Kumar Maherchandani, Navneet Kumar Agrawal, Trilok Gupta

Understanding the recent developments in renewable energy is crucial for a range of fields in today's society. As environmental awareness and the need for a more sustainable future continues to grow, the uses of renewable energy, particularly in areas such as smart grid, must be considered and studied thoroughly to be implemented successfully and move society toward a more sustainable future. Optimal Planning of Smart Grid With Renewable Energy Resources offers a detailed guide to the new problems and opportunities for sustainable growth in engineering by focusing on modeling diverse problems occurring in science and engineering as well as novel effective theoretical methods and robust optimization theories, which can be used to analyze and solve multiple types of problems. Covering topics such as electric drives and energy systems, this publication is ideal for researchers, academicians, industry professionals, engineers, scholars, instructors, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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