The Pediatric Eye Exam Quick Reference Guide : Office and Emergency Room Procedures
Lily Zhu-Tam, Ida Chung

There is a need for comprehensive books that provide crucial information in a clear and direct manner, particularly in the medical field. Currently, there are limited resources available to students and clinicians that provide step-by-step procedures with pictures on how to examine the eye in the pediatric population. The Pediatric Eye Exam Quick Reference Guide: Office and Emergency Room Procedures is a clinical procedure book to provide step-by-step pediatric eye care examination techniques and is an important addition to the field of eye care. The chapters are written by leading pediatric optometrists and ophthalmologists in the field. Years of academic and clinical experiences from schools of optometry, hospital-based eye care, and private practice are all presented in a user-friendly format with clinical pearls and insights that will help any clinician perform a pediatric eye exam easily and efficiently. Covering a range of critical topics such as pupil examination, visual field testing, refraction, and ocular emergencies and providing pictures, it is ideal for all students, residents, academicians, trainers, and novel and seasoned clinicians who are interested in learning how to examine a pediatric patient and staying on top of the latest pediatric eye care procedures.

Medical Information Science Reference
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