International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation in UNCITRAL Model Law Jurisdictions
Peter Binder

International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation in UNCITRAL Model Law Jurisdictions Fourth Edition Dr Peter Binder This new edition of a classic text is so extensively revised and updated as to constitute a new book. It does, however, retain the tried and tested article-by-article structure of the previous three editions: it covers all the information needed when contemplating cross-border arbitration or mediation and enables a practitioner to ascertain what to expect in each jurisdiction. It remains the only book that provides a complete overview of all the adopting jurisdictions (now 111) at one glance, with a description of the legislation in these jurisdictions counterbalanced by court rulings to demonstrate how matters are dealt with in everyday practice. The popular adoption chart matrix unique to this book has been further enhanced and updated. Featuring the first full commentary on the newly released 2018 UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Mediation (including its revolutionary regime for the enforcement of settlement agreements reached by means of mediation) and an update of all case law on UNCITRAL texts (CLOUT) to date, the fourth edition provides explicit expert guidance on such matters as the following: overview of each jurisdiction that has enacted the Model Laws; provisions in a particular national Model Law enactment to be watched out for; how a particular issue dealt with in a Model Law enacting jurisdiction has been handled by local courts; and which jurisdictions can be safely recommended in arbitration or mediation clauses in international commercial agreements. Both of the Model Laws are reproduced in full in an appendix. With an examination of each provision's legislative history as well as national and subnational adoptions of the Model Laws, this work provides a complete picture of global practice in international arbitration and mediation as it exists today, taking full account of emerging trends in the enactment process and in case law. Business people who agree to arbitrate in one of the 111 recognized Model Law jurisdictions can rely on a secure minimum of rights in the arbitral proceedings and run less risk of being surprised by unwelcome peculiarities of local law. International litigation lawyers, arbitrators, and in-house lawyers who are considering arbitrating or mediating in one of the 111 jurisdictions analysed, academics in international ADR, and national government officials dealing with cross-border trade will benefit enormously from this new edition.

Kluwer Law International
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