Knowledge Management and Innovation in Network Organizations : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Kisielnicki, Jerzy, Sobolewska, Olga, IGI Global

Organizations of all types are consistently working on new initiatives, product lines, or implementation of new workflows as a way to remain competitive in the modern business environment. No matter the type of project, employing the best methods for effective execution and timely completion of the task at hand is essential to project success. The implementation of computer technology has provided further opportunities for innovation and progress in the daily operations and initiatives of corporations. Knowledge Management and Innovation in Network Organizations: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an essential scholarly resource that explores the use of information communication technologies in management models and the development of network organizations operating in various sectors of the economy. Highlighting coverage on a wide range of topics such as cloud computing, organizational development, and business management, this book is ideal for business professionals, organizational researchers, and academicians interested in the latest research on network organizations.

Business Science Reference
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