Crystallography for Chemists
Phillip E. Fanwick, Author

For the last fifty years, X-ray crystallography and allied methods have been one of the most important analytical techniques for chemical analysis. With improved equipment, computers, and programs, the time required for such determinations has been reduced from months to hours. However, crystallography has never found its way into chemical education. There are many reasons for this failure, but the result has been most chemists having little understanding of the method beyond operating equipment and running black box programs.This book provides a basic education on crystallographic methods. As much as possible, it is non-mathematical, and written in language that chemists use. It is designed for the instruction of senior undergraduate students and beginning graduate students, but will also be of interest to any chemist who has had no instruction in crystallography. Much of the book provides information that can be used by chemists who do not plan to conduct crystallographic studies themselves.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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