Exploring the Cognitive Processes of Simultaneous Interpreting : English–Arabic–English Dynamics
Amr M. El-Zawawy

Exploring the Cognitive Processes of Simultaneous Interpreting: English — Arabic — English Dynamics approaches English-Arabic-English simultaneous interpreting from a cognitive-cum-linguistic vantage point. Amr M. El-Zawawy focuses on how media interpreters, especially on TV, cognitively address the source texts in the process of translating them in real time. The corpora used — simultaneous interpretations of televised political speeches — and the rigorous methodology applied attest to the variety and depth of the analyses carried out, and the examples given attest to the linguistic and cognitive processes that interpreters perform in order to communicate meaning. This book will be an invaluable asset to any student and researcher of translation, particularly of simultaneous interpreting. The book also provides significant insights into the underexplored questions of the difficulties of simultaneously translating Arabic, a language spoken by around 420 million people today.

Lexington Books
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