The Types, Properties, and Applications of Conductive Textiles
Sandra Varnaitė-Žuravliova, Author

This book provides basic knowledge about the principles, roles, types and evaluation methods of antistatic and conductive textile materials, which are used for protection against charge dissipation, incendiary discharge, intense electrostatic fields and electromagnetic interference (EMI). It also discusses the basic properties of different types of conductive fibers and filaments and the manufacturing processes of conductive textile products. Although such materials are typically produced as shields against charge dissipation and EMI, they are also used in other special applications, such as sensors, antennas, flexible heaters, and specialized apparel.The book will be useful for students, pedagogues and other academics. It will also be of interest to the general reader who wants to expand their knowledge of the applications and properties of conductive textiles.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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