Knowledge-Driven Innovation in Start-Ups and SMEs : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Sousa, Joana Coutinho de, Gaspar, Jorge

The world is witnessing an increase in innovation both in start-ups and in SMEs, and the implementation of innovation is having a substantial impact on the knowledge of the economy. The ability of human beings to create new knowledge can be defined as a basic skill in a global economy, which involves learning as an essential dynamism of the competition. Following this and considering the need for developing standards and guidelines for innovation, organizations have been working on developing and updating a set of documents to help the innovators and the innovative companies work better. Knowledge-Driven Innovation in Start-Ups and SMEs: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a collection of innovative research on the methods and applications of standardization and guideline creation in business innovation, such as those implemented by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). While highlighting topics including business analysis, market research, and intellectual property, this book is ideally designed for market researchers, business professionals, academicians, and students seeking current research on innovative processes and approaches for organizations.

Business Science Reference
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