Managerial Dilemmas in Developing Countries: Business, Marketing, Finance and Tourism
Malcolm J. M. Cooper, Editor, Athula Gnanapala, Editor

Since organizations and industries are the catalysts for sustainable development, managing organizations and industries along with resource protection dilemmas is critical for developing countries. This volume brings together contributions from experts and new researchers on managerial dilemmas in developing countries, and is divided into five parts: namely, organizational development; human resource management; consumer behaviour; finance; and tourism and hospitality.The chapters in the first section provide empirical insights into e-learning systems, information systems for decision-making processes, business reengineering, and performance efficiency. The second part explores the role of human resource, organization downsizing, work-life balance, fair treatment and a good working environment, job satisfaction and job stress, the big five personality traits, and psychological contract and employment. The next section investigates bank interest rates, insurance policies, organic foods in consumer behaviour, and a marketing value chain analysis of cinnamon. Studies of the effect of financial development, foreign direct investment on economic and endogenous growth, and the effect of institutional excellence and information efficiency on stock market development make up the fourth part of the book. The fifth section then embraces studies of the impact of tourist guides on tourist satisfaction, the behavioural characteristics of solo female travellers, community participation in tourism, and the unplanned development of tourism.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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