IoT and WSN Applications for Modern Agricultural Advancements : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Mukherjee, Proshikshya, IGI Global, Pattnaik, Prasant Kumar, Panda, Surya Narayan

Currently, the demand by consumption of agricultural products may be predicted quantitatively; moreover, the variation of harvest and production by the change of a farm's cultivated area, weather change, disease, insect damage, etc. is a challenge that has led to improper control of the supply and demand of agricultural products. Advancements in IoT and wireless sensor networks in precision agriculture and the cloud computing technology needed to deploy them can be used to address and solve these issues. IoT and WSN Applications for Modern Agricultural Advancements: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an essential research book that focuses on the development of effective data-computing operations on agricultural advancements that are fully supported by IoT, cloud computing, and wireless sensor network systems and explores prospective applications of computing, analytics, and networking in various interdisciplinary domains of engineering. Featuring a range of topics such as power monitoring, healthcare, and GIS, this book is ideal for IT practitioners, farmers, network analysts, researchers, professionals, academicians, industry experts, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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