The Semantics of Dynamic Space in French : Descriptive, Experimental and Formal Studies on Motion Expression
Aurnague, Mixel, Stosic, Dejan

Research on the semantics of spatial markers in French is known mainly through Vandeloise's (1986, 1991) work on static prepositions. However, interest in the expression of space in French goes back to the mid-1970s and focused first on verbs denoting changes in space, whose syntactic properties were related to specific semantic distinctions, such as the opposition between “movement” and “displacement”. This volume provides an overview of recent studies on the semantics of dynamic space in French and addresses important questions about motion expression, among which “goal bias” and asymmetry of motion, the status of locative PPs, the expression of manner, fictive or non-actual motion. Descriptive, experimental and formal or computational analyses are presented, providing complementary perspectives on the main issue. The volume is intended for researchers and advanced students wishing to learn about both spatial semantics in French and recent debates on the representation of motion events in language and cognition.

John Benjamins Publishing Company
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