Tests that Second Language Teachers Make and Use
Greta Gorsuch, Editor

Classroom tests are an everyday feature of second and foreign language classrooms worldwide. Teachers spend a lot of time and energy making and using tests, and learners spend of lot of time and energy taking them. Nonetheless, such assessments are under-studied, as they are considered routine. This volume illuminates this little-researched area. Featuring fifteen classroom language tests made and used by Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish teachers, the book includes parallel teacher commentary and testing content chapters that transparently probe the teachers'processes of making and using their tests. Rather than view teachers'tests as poor shadows of what professional test writers do, this work identifies the reasoning behind teachers'tests. In addition, focused testing content chapters take examples directly from the actual tests and the accompanying teacher commentary. This book is an accessible, applied resource for second and foreign language teachers, language program administrators working with teachers, students in teacher preparation and enrichment programs, and scholars in language teaching, learning, and testing.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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