Mobile Health Applications for Quality Healthcare Delivery
Moumtzoglou, Anastasius, IGI Global

One of the central engines of the current shift towards decentralization and reorientation of healthcare services is mobile healthcare (mHealth). mHealth offers unique opportunities to reduce cost, increase efficiencies, and improve quality and access to healthcare. However, the full impact of mHealth is just beginning to be felt by the medical community and requires further examination to understand the full range of benefits it contributes to medical staff and patients. Mobile Health Applications for Quality Healthcare Delivery explores the emergence of mHealth in the healthcare setting and examines its impact on patient-centered care, including how it has reshaped access, quality, and treatment. Highlighting topics such as patient management, emergency medicine, and health monitoring, this publication supports e-health systems designers in understanding how mobile technologies can best be used for the benefit of both doctors and their patients. It is designed for healthcare professionals, administrators, students, health services managers, and academicians.

Medical Information Science Reference
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