International Wildlife Management : Conservation Challenges in a Changing World
John L. Koprowski, Paul R. Krausman

A call for wildlife conservationists to transcend the boundaries of locality, share best practices, and unite with a common voice to influence global policy.Habitat loss, disease management, predator-human conflict, illegal trade—these are among the many conservation challenges faced by wildlife experts around the world. But how wildlife professionals approach these issues has historically been geographically fragmented. By providing a broad perspective on issues faced by wildlife on an international scale, the authors of International Wildlife Management make vital connections, drawing attention to underlying causes and strategies for mitigation that may look surprisingly similar from Montana to Zimbabwe. Bringing together wildlife professionals from around the globe to discuss shared challenges, International Wildlife Management• examines widespread patterns of wildlife loss• covers key conservation strategies, including species reintroduction, community engagement, and wildlife commerce• explores the urgent concerns of climate change, habitat loss and fragmentation, invasive species, and poaching• reviews major organizations involved in wildlife management at an international level, highlighting examples of cooperation among groups and nations in effective wildlife management efforts• features stories of success and struggle from authors across 17 countries on 6 continents This timely and thorough overview thinks big by assessing threats to wildlife on a global scale. Wild creatures don't recognize artificial geographic borders. This useful compendium demonstrates that researchers and scientists should follow their lead.

Johns Hopkins University Press
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