Hands-On G Suite for Administrators : Build and Manage Any Business on Top of the Google Cloud Infrastructure
Cesar Anton Dorantes

Effectively implement and administer business solutions on any scale in a cost-effective way to have a competitive advantage using Gsuite Key Features Enhance administration with Admin console and Google Apps Script Prepare for the G suite certification using the concepts in the book Learn how to use reports to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize G Suite Book Description Hands-On G Suite for Administrators is a comprehensive hands-on guide to G Suite Administration that will prepare you with all you need to know to become a certified G Suite Administrator, ready to handle all the business scales, from a small office to a large enterprise. You will start by learning the main features, tools, and services from G Suite for Business and then, you will explore all it has to offer and the best practices, so you can make the most out of it. We will explore G Suite tools in depth so you and your team get everything you need -combination of tools, settings and practices- to succeed in an intuitive, safe and collaborative way. While learning G Suite tools you will also learn how to use Google Sites and App Maker, to create from your corporate site to internal tools, live reports that seamlessly integrate with live documents, and advanced Google Services. Finally, you will learn how to set up, analyze and enforce Security, Privacy for your business and how to efficiently troubleshoot a wide variety of issues. What you will learn Setting up G Suite for the business account Work with the advanced setup of additional business domains and administrate users in multiple Explore Guite's extensive set of features to cover your team's creation and collaboration needs Setup, manage and analyze your security to prevent, find or fix any security problem in G Suite Manage Mobile devices and integrate with third-party apps Create cloud documents, working alone or collaborating in real time Who this book is for System administrators, cloud administrators, business professionals, and aspirants of G Suite admin certificate wanting to master implementing G Suite tools for various admin tasks and effectively implement the G Suite administration for business

Packt Publishing
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