Empirical Studies of the Construction of Discourse
Loureda, Óscar, Recio Fernández, Inés, Nadal, Laura, Cruz, Adriana

This volume assembles eleven articles addressing current concerns in discourse studies from an empirical perspective. Engaging with highly topical issues, they indicate the potential of an approach to the construction of discourse via corpus-based analysis, experimentation, or combined methodologies. The subject matters of the contributions, delivered by renowned scholars and dealing with either one or several languages, range from mechanisms through which information structure, connection and discourse organization are realized, to prosody as a determinant of hierarchy and specific functions of discourse markers, as well as innovative tools for visualizing discourse structure. The resulting volume addresses scholars working in a variety of topics, who either wish to incorporate empirical methods to their research or whose work is already empirically oriented and wish to gain insight into empirical evidence on state-of-the-art discursive phenomena.

John Benjamins Publishing Company
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