The Python Workshop : Learn to Code in Python and Kickstart Your Career in Software Development or Data Science
Andrew Bird, Dr Lau Cher Han, Mario Corchero Jimenez, Graham Lee, Corey Wade

Learn the fundamentals of clean, effective Python coding and build the practical skills to tackle your own software development or data science projectsKey FeaturesBuild key Python skills with engaging development tasks and challenging activitiesImplement useful algorithms and write programs to solve real-world problemsApply Python in realistic data science projects and create simple machine learning modelsBook DescriptionHave you always wanted to learn Python, but never quite known how to start? More applications than we realize are being developed using Python because it is easy to learn, read, and write. You can now start learning the language quickly and effectively with the help of this interactive tutorial. The Python Workshop starts by showing you how to correctly apply Python syntax to write simple programs, and how to use appropriate Python structures to store and retrieve data. You'll see how to handle files, deal with errors, and use classes and methods to write concise, reusable, and efficient code. As you advance, you'll understand how to use the standard library, debug code to troubleshoot problems, and write unit tests to validate application behavior. You'll gain insights into using the pandas and NumPy libraries for analyzing data, and the graphical libraries of Matplotlib and Seaborn to create impactful data visualizations. By focusing on entry-level data science, you'll build your practical Python skills in a way that mirrors real-world development. Finally, you'll discover the key steps in building and using simple machine learning algorithms. By the end of this Python book, you'll have the knowledge, skills and confidence to creatively tackle your own ambitious projects with Python.What you will learnWrite clean and well-commented code that is easy to maintainAutomate essential day-to-day tasks with Python scriptsDebug logical errors and handle exceptions in your programsExplore data science fundamentals and create engaging visualizationsGet started with predictive machine learningKeep your development process bug-free with automated testingWho this book is forThis book is designed for anyone who is new to the Python programming language. Whether you're an aspiring software engineer or data scientist, or are just curious about learning how to code with Python, this book is for you. No prior programming experience is required.

Packt Publishing
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