Optoelectronics in Machine Vision-Based Theories and Applications
Rivas-Lopez, Moises, IGI Global, Sergiyenko, Oleg, Flores-Fuentes, Wendy, Rodríguez-Quiñonez, Julio C.

Sensor technologies play a large part in modern life, as they are present in things like security systems, digital cameras, smartphones, and motion sensors. While these devices are always evolving, research is being done to further develop this technology to help detect and analyze threats, perform in-depth inspections, and perform tracking services. Optoelectronics in Machine Vision-Based Theories and Applications provides innovative insights on theories and applications of optoelectronics in machine vision-based systems. It also covers topics such as applications of unmanned aerial vehicle, autonomous and mobile robots, medical scanning, industrial applications, agriculture, and structural health monitoring. This publication is a vital reference source for engineers, technology developers, academicians, researchers, and advanced-level students seeking emerging research on sensor technologies and machine vision.

Engineering Science Reference
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