Big Data and Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Organizations
Gyamfi, Albert, Williams, Idongesit

Knowledge in its pure state is tacit in nature—difficult to formalize and communicate—but can be converted into codified form and shared through both social interactions and the use of IT-based applications and systems. Even though there seems to be considerable synergies between the resulting huge data and the convertible knowledge, there is still a debate on how the increasing amount of data captured by corporations could improve decision making and foster innovation through effective knowledge-sharing practices. Big Data and Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Organizations provides innovative insights into the influence of big data analytics and artificial intelligence and the tools, methods, and techniques for knowledge-sharing processes in virtual organizations. The content within this publication examines cloud computing, machine learning, and knowledge sharing. It is designed for government officials and organizations, policymakers, academicians, researchers, technology developers, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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