Realistic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Emilio Santos Corchero, Author

According to Einstein “a physical theory should offer a picture of reality”. This made him frustrated and dissatisfied with the standard interpretation (or lack thereof) of quantum theory, since attempts to get a “picture” from it soon led to contradictions like the wave-particle duality. This book provides such a picture of the quantum world, that is, a “realistic interpretation”. Of course, this needs to be done in a way that is compatible with today's experimental evidence, including the experiments that seem to contradict (local) realism.The book also offers a personal view on the meaning of general relativity and its relation with quantum mechanics, proposing a new perspective for dark energy, dark matter and stellar collapse. It is the result and a summary of the author's extensive research on the foundations of quantum mechanics, spanning more than 50 years.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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