External Events and Crises That Impact Firms and Other Entities
Heather C. Webb, Hussain Al Numairy

Historically, academicians and practitioners have developed various management methodologies and technologies to help business managers deal with challenges in their environments, yet many businesses fail. Thus, these challenges need to be researched closely to overcome business failure. Many of these challenges are external events in which firms must adapt and react. Getting the right adaptation and reaction to these external events depend on whether a firm continues a trend of success or failure. Many companies fail due to their inability to properly respond to crises, whether they be business or organizational crises. External Events and Crises That Impact Firms and Other Entities showcases the resulting impact of external events such as environmental or health crises on businesses and educational entities. It identifies the strategies businesses use to react to unexpected crises. Covering topics such as financial technology, worker support, and small and medium-sized enterprises, this premier reference source is an excellent resource for business leaders, practitioners, government officials, students and educators of higher education, libraries, researchers, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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