Research Anthology on Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Information Resources Management Association

The study of pediatric and adolescent medicine is an essential part of medicine as children react to diseases differently than adults. As new viruses continue to emerge, and as procedures are updated and revised, there is a need for comprehensive resources on the new developments and emerging technologies in this field. As medical technologies and innovative practices spread in recent years, it is vital that medical professionals are knowledgeable on the developments in the pediatric field as well. The Research Anthology on Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine presents the developments, emerging technologies, and challenges in pediatric and adolescent medicine. It also explains adolescent health management and promotion as well as recent discoveries on childhood development. Covering topics such as media consumption, neuro-developmental disorders, and health promotion, this book is a critical resource for pediatricians, nurses, medical professionals, hospital administration, behavioral scientists, therapists, psychiatrists, medical students, researchers, and academicians.

Medical Information Science Reference
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