Multidisciplinary Approach to Diversity and Inclusion in the COVID-19-Era Workplace
Rilla Hynes, Carlos Tasso Aquino, Josephine Hauer

Empathy, diversity, inclusion, and soft skills are key building blocks of an innovative workforce challenged to respond to the ever-growing needs of the COVID-19 era. Organizations that value diversity and inclusion are looking for ways to manage the shift of workers and skills from traditional manufacturing to the 21st-century vision by incorporating new technology and tools. In this new model, a diverse workforce is necessary, as creativity and innovation grow from the skills that differentiate humans. Further research into the next steps for using diversity and inclusion in an efficient manner, discovering and training new skill sets, and building sustainability into the creative process is needed to fully embrace this new era of inclusion. Multidisciplinary Approach to Diversity and Inclusion in the COVID-19-Era Workplace highlights best practices of successful companies in the “new normal” conditions caused by the pandemic and provides innovative research on diversity and inclusion to help organizations navigate the changing competitive global environment. Covering a range of topics such as remote work, unconscious bias, and information literacy, it is ideal for professors, researchers, academicians, practitioners, human resource professionals, industry professionals, and students.

Business Science Reference
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