Advanced Applications of Micro and Nano Clay
Al-Ahmed, Amir

Due to their characteristic properties, biodegradable nature and non-toxicity, clay-biopolymer based composites have many applications in such advanced fields as drug release, antimicrobial activities, wound healing, tissue engineering, wastewater treatment, food packaging and flame retardant materials. The book reviews fabrication, properties and applications of a great variety of these materials. Keywords: Clay-Polymer Composites, Nano Clay, Polysaccharide, Fibrous Clays, Halloysite-Chitosan, Montmorillonite-Chitosan, Kaolinite-Chitosan, Vermiculite Starch, Halloysite-Starch, Montmorillonite-Starch, Kaolinite-Starch, Cellulose. HNT-Cellulose, Kaolinite-Cellulose, Drug Release, Wound Healing, Tissue Engineering, Wastewater Treatment, Food Packaging, Flame Retardant Materials.

Materials Research Forum LLC
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