Financial Services Sector Protection and Homeland Security
Frank R. Spellman

The financial services sector is critical to the economy and represents a vital component of our nation's critical infrastructure. It includes thousands of depository institutions, providers of investment products, insurance companies, and credit and financing organizations. A terrorist attack affecting the this sector would have a devastating impact. Financial Services Sector Protection and Homeland Security provides readers with an understanding of the challenges and potential threats faced by the financial services sector. This book presents commonsense methodologies to help safeguard this sector in a straightforward but engaging manner. It was written in response to the critical needs of financial planners, management analysts, law enforcement and security specialists, and anyone with a general interest in the security of the financial services sector. Other books in the Critical Infrastructure and Homeland Security Series include:Dam Sector Protection and Homeland SecurityEnergy Infrastructure Protection and Homeland SecurityFood Supply Protection and Homeland SecurityTransportation Protection and Homeland SecurityGovernment Facilities Protection and Homeland SecurityInformation Technology Protection and homeland Security

Bernan Press
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