Rome II Regulation - Commentary
Ulrich Magnus, Peter Mankowski, Michael Bogdan, Alfonso-Luis Calvo Caravaca, Javier Carrascosa Gonzalez, Michael Hellner, Richard G. Fentiman, Franco Ferrari, Pietro Franzina, Helmut Heiss, Costanza Honorati, Luís Pietro Rocha de Lima Pinheiro, Ulla Liukkunnen, Piotr Machnikowski, Axel Metzger, Guillermo Palao Moreno, Ilaria Queirolo, Lubos Tichy, Patrick Wautelet

Today car crashes, holiday accidents, damage through defective products and other tort situations, that occur in Europe, not infrequently involve a foreign element. It is then always of crucial importance which law applies. For the first time the EU has unified the private international law rules for extra-contractual relations in the Rome II Regulation. The instrument is in force in all EU Member States (with the only exception of Denmark) since 2009. Meanwhile the European Court of Justice and national courts have rendered a considerable number of decisions concerning central provisions of the Regulation. The time is therefore ripe for a truly pan-European Commentary on the Rome II Regulation which can give guidance in its interpretation. The Commentary takes full account of the European nature of this instrument. This is also reflected by the team of contributors that originates from all over Europe assembling first experts in their countries. As the other works of the European Commentaries on Private International Law series this book provides a thorough article-by-article analysis which intensely uses the case law and doctrine and suggests clear and practical solutions for disputed issues. The editors are Ulrich Magnus and Peter Mankowski who have already edited pan-European Commentaries on the Brussel I Regulation, the Brussels Ibis Regulation, the Rome I Regulation and the Brussels IIbis Regulation.

Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt
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