Fuel for the Future: Processed High Quality Coals for Low- and Zero-emissions Power
George Domazetis, Author

We are currently facing a global problem caused by increasing levels of greenhouse gases, mostly derived from fossil fuels, resulting in climate change. Communities want an affordable and secure supply of power alongside emissions reductions. Coal electricity generation offers a secure and affordable supply, but, currently, this comes with high emissions. This volume examines efforts by both industry and governments to develop a cleaner use of low rank coals. It presents leading research on creating affordable, high-quality fuel for efficient power generation, with a trajectory toward affordable zero-emissions production. This book will be of interest to organisations active in developing clean usage of coal and which conduct research on low emissions power. It will also contribute to policy development of low-, and zero-emissions coal power generation, particularly in regions with abundant deposits of low-cost brown coal, lignite, and subbituminous coal, including the US, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, and Australia.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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