Computer-Mediated Communication for Business: Theory to Practice
Stephanie Kelly, Editor

This collection is a guide to greater communication efficiency in both clarity and time-management for any professional or aspiring professional. It guides the reader through the ways in which communicating through technology rather than face-to-face can alter their perceptions of others and the perceptions others make of them. Each chapter concisely summarizes existing studies from the fields of communication, psychology, philosophy, and engineering to lead the audience to very practical guidelines to make their professional communication world easier and more efficient.The book is divided into three sections. The first focuses on the more abstract components of communication, such as creating connections and navigating humor. The second part deals with more applied knowledge, offering guides to specific and common technologies used for communication such as email and video conferencing. The final section focuses on training for both trainers and trainees.The volume gathers together contributions by 29 scholars, all of whom offer their own unique expertise and guidance to the audience.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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