Advanced MIS and Digital Transformation for Increased Creativity and Innovation in Business
Ekren, Gülay, Erkollar, Alptekin, Oberer, Birgit

As businesses undergo digital transformation, technologies will lead to greater efficiencies and change how we interact in traditional relationships among suppliers, producers, and customers, as well as between human and machine. One such technology is the introduction of management information systems (MIS) that provide a company with the coordination, control, analysis, and visualization of information by collecting from various digital environments. In today's digital age, information needs to be managed, and MIS have the ability to transfer the information obtained by computer systems to the business operations within the business models, business processes, and management functions. Advanced MIS and Digital Transformation for Increased Creativity and Innovation in Business is an essential reference source that discusses the impact of digital technologies in enterprises and their competitive environment on management information systems and examines the application of new technologies to support strategic decisions and realize exciting visions. Featuring research on topics such as machine learning, resource planning, and e-commerce, this book is ideally designed for managers, executives, IT specialists, analysts, business professionals, training officers, software engineers, business administrators, scholars, researchers, and practitioners seeking coverage on future trends, issues, and challenges in relation to management information systems.

Business Science Reference
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