Money, Morality and Law : A Case for Financial Crisis Accountability
Gerald Nels Olson

Standing apart from the swollen stream of writing dealing with financial crises, this much-needed book makes a legal case for enforcement of legal accountability for financial crises and for providing justice for the inestimable and untold human suffering caused by Washington and Wall Street. The extraordinarily detailed analysis comes with the authority of a widely experienced and internationally respected banking and finance lawyer. The book's driving forces may be summarized as follows: it establishes that persistent and progressive money debasement is at the heart of all serious systemic financial crises; it establishes that the crisis in 2008 was not only simply immoral or wrong but also illegal, the result of intentional violation of the foundational legal requirements of honest, safe, and sound money and banking; it establishes that Washington and Wall Street have intentionally manipulated asset values and liquidity characteristics through proliferation of ineffective banking law and regulation magnified by the rise of structured finance and shadow banking. Basing its analysis on numerous case studies and illustrations, this book enables readers to untangle the web of false narratives wrought by Washington and Wall Street to obscure and misdirect any clear understanding of how fundamental civil, legal and constitutional rights are undermined. Designed to empower readers to effect meaningful legal action against money manipulation and debasement for the benefit of financial elites, this book is essential reading for banking lawyers, bankers, securities firms, lobbyists, government regulators and supervisory institutions. It is also sure to be welcomed by academics in finance and securities law.

Kluwer Law International
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