Handbook of Research on Globalized Agricultural Trade and New Challenges for Food Security
Vasilii Erokhin, Tianming Gao

Free trade promotes economic growth through international competition and the efficient allocation of resources while also helping to stabilize food supplies between countries that have an overabundance of product and countries that have a shortage. However, sudden price surges can threaten the social cohesion of developing countries and may lead to malnutrition and stunted growth. Balancing trade liberalization and protectionism is imperative for the provision of food security for all. The Handbook of Research on Globalized Agricultural Trade and New Challenges for Food Security is an essential publication that seeks to improve food security, food independence, and food sovereignty in the conditions of globalized agricultural trade and addresses the contemporary issues of agricultural trade including major commodities and food products traded between major countries, directions of trade, and trends. The book also examines the effects of tariff escalations, administrative restrictions, other forms of trade protectionism on food security, and the emerging trade tensions between major actors such as the US, China, the EU, and Russia. Featuring research on topics including plant fertility, dietary diversity, and protectionism, this book is ideally designed for government officials, policymakers, agribusiness managers, stakeholders, international tradesmen, researchers, industry professionals, academicians, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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