Postclassical Greek : Contemporary Approaches to Philology and Linguistics
Dariya Rafiyenko, Ilja A. Seržant

The language of Postclassical Greek is a somewhat neglected area of research despite the language of this period being well attested with a large number of different sorts of texts ranging from papyri and dialect inscriptions to literary texts by Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine writers. These texts offer an extensive amount of data and are rather understudied in comparison with texts of the Classical period. This volume aims to fill some of this void by offering an interdisciplinary approach to the language of the period. As such, it brings together contributions from disciplines including usage-based linguistics, theoretical syntax, historical linguistics, papyrologyand palaeography, sociolinguistics and research on multilingualism. It is hoped, therefore, that the volume will appeal to a wide audience interested in exploring language development from several perspectives.

De Gruyter Mouton
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