Changing Horizons in the 21st Century: Perspectives on Ageing
Diarmuid O’Shea, Editor, Amanda Phelan, Editor

The twenty-first century presents a changing global demographic. People are living longer and older people comprise a continued greater representation in populations. This book provides detailed insights into ageing issues related to longitudinal studies, legislation, policy, and the ageing experience (including a personal reflection on ageing), as well as ageing and the environment, intergenerational relations, ageivism and age representations in media. Consequently, the reader will benefit from a more complete, holistic understanding of ageing which will enhance their interactions with older people. The contributors here are globally recognised experts in diverse areas within ageing research, scholarship and practice. The volume is, therefore, unique and not limited to health and social care professionals, but also provides insights into the diversity of the context and experience of ageing. The content is also of interest to those studying social gerontology, urban planning, and sociology, as well as legal professionals and policy makers.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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