The Journey Mapping Playbook : A Practical Guide to Preparing, Facilitating and Unlocking the Value of Customer Journey Mapping
Jerry Angrave

The Journey Mapping Playbook: A practical guide to preparing, facilitating andunlocking the value of customer journey mapping A valuable guide in helping you build stronger customer experience programmes by developing effective customer experience strategies. Customer journey mapping is a vital tool used by Customer Experience professionals around the world. The journey map is crucial in understanding and managing the customer's perception of your service or brand at critical touchpoints and prioritising how to improve that experience. Journey mapping also shows where great experiences currently exist within the company and how they should be celebrated or protected. The danger in not journey mapping or getting it wrong is having no meaningful purpose and no consensus around what actions to take or why. At best, you risk wasting time, and effort or, at worst, handing your advantage over to your competitor. What should a customer journey map envisage? How should you use it? And how do you plan, facilitate then demonstrate the value of journey mapping by providing a compelling argument within the organisation to make changes? The Journey Mapping Playbook is an accessible how-to-do-it toolkit aimed at customer experience (CX) and marketing professionals who wish to improve their customer and employee experience.Jerry Angrave, a Customer and Passenger Experience Director who works across many sectors, including aviation and travel, financial services, professional services, and manufacturing, provides insight and practical guidance on planning, facilitating, and delivering a strategic journey mapping workshop. In this playbook, you will learn how to:Define journey mapping;Understand why a journey map is commercially important;Prioritise which journeys to focus on and how;Decide whom to invite and which tools to prepare;Plan for an effective session;Make every stage of the journey relevant and purposeful;What to do at the output of the workshop to ensure you get the most out of them;Build an ongoing programme;Nurture better and more profitable customer experiences. This book is for you if: You are a customer experience or marketing professional;You are in the early stages of building a rewarding career in customer experience; The Journey Mapping Playbook is a practical guide, presented in striking colour, with downloadable worksheets and frameworks to help you prepare, plan and run your workshop.

De Gruyter
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