Partners in Teaching and Learning : Coordinating a Successful Academic Library Instruction Program
Melissa N. Mallon

An academic library's instruction program reflects and communicates its vision for teaching and learning within the context of its institution, and the instruction coordinator plays an essential role in shaping and advancing this vision. Instruction coordinators and directors in academic libraries may have a variety of titles and wear an entire wardrobe's worth of hats, but they face many of the same challenges in developing, promoting, and evaluating their instruction programs. This book approaches using the instruction program as the catalyst to further the library's agenda for teaching and learning and gives instruction program directors a set of resources that will help them map out, enact, and assess the impact of this agenda. This book is ideal for librarians and administrators who direct, coordinate, or lead an academic library's teaching and learning program and is particularly useful for new instruction program coordinators—either those new to their position or new to their institution.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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