Innovations in Global Maternal Health : Improving Prenatal and Postnatal Care Practices
Information Resources Management Association

Whether they are in developed or developing nations, all women are susceptible to dying from complications in childbirth. While some of these complications are unavoidable, many develop during pregnancy and can be prevented or, when caught in time, treated. These difficulties are often a result of inaccessibility to care, inadequate health services, poor prenatal screening, and uninformed mothers, among others, that in many cases are a direct consequence of the mother's geographical location and economic status. Innovations in Global Maternal Health: Improving Prenatal and Postnatal Care Practices explores new techniques, tools, and solutions that can be used in a global capacity to support women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, regardless of their wealth or location. Highlighting a range of topics such as maternal care models, breastfeeding, and social media and internet health forums, this publication is an ideal reference source for world health organizations, obstetricians, midwives, lactation consultants, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, directors, counselors, therapists, academicians, and researchers interested in the latest practices currently in use that can combat maternal mortality and morbidity and lead to healthier women and newborns.

Medical Information Science Reference
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