Biomedical and Clinical Engineering for Healthcare Advancement
N. Sriraam

The rapid development of new technologies has created a lasting impact in the healthcare sector during the past decades. Due to this influence, potential clinical problems have decreased while the quality of healthcare delivery and overall user friendliness has increased and contributed to cost-effective healthcare systems. Biomedical and Clinical Engineering for Healthcare Advancement is an essential reference source that discusses growth in healthcare applications driven by the adoption of new technologies, as well as the expansion of machine learning algorithms for clinical decision making. It focuses on combining vision, motion, data acquisition, and automated control to accelerate the development of affordable and portable medical devices. Featuring research on topics such as artificial intelligence, drug delivery, and retinal imaging, this book is ideally designed for healthcare professionals, biomedical engineers, biomedical professionals, clinicians, hospital directors, physicians, medical students, and clinical researchers.

Medical Information Science Reference
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