New Aesthetic Thought, Methodology, and Structure of Systemic Philosophy
Wu, Jie

The methodologies of aesthetic thought have always had a deep, historic foundation and serve as a staple of philosophy. Researchers have begun re-examining the structure and levels of aesthetics by tracing the history of this practice and studying European and Asian traditions. This systematic perspective is an emerging topic of exploration yet requires an appropriate level of research that further investigates the recent discoveries of systemic aesthetics in today's modern world. New Aesthetic Thought, Methodology, and Structure of Systemic Philosophy is an essential reference source that discusses the organic connection between philosophy, mathematics, and aesthetics, as well as its application to other fields of human sciences. This book analyzes the history of aesthetics and studies the contemporary laws and function of beauty and nature. Featuring research on topics such as fundamental principles, mathematical methods, and humanistic logic, this book is ideally designed for philosophers, physicians, scientific researchers, mathematicians, systems engineers, complexity professionals, anthropologists, art designers, academicians, and students seeking coverage on the structure of artistic beauty through a systematic approach.

Information Science Reference
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