Nano-Phytoremediation Technologies for Groundwater Contaminates : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Khushboo Chaudhary, Suphiya Khan, Pankaj Kumar Saraswat

In the modern world, industries and factories are rising exponentially. This has led to the mass cultivation of non-biodegradable products, like heavy metals, that have polluted the environment and become a major threat to plant growth, crop yield, and human health. Conventional remediation technologies are expensive and may not remove contaminates effectively. Therefore, it is important to develop economically practical and more effective methods to decontaminate soils. Nano-Phytoremediation Technologies for Groundwater Contaminates: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a collection of innovative research on the methods and applications of the use of plants for remediating metal-contaminated soil and water. While highlighting topics including molecular mechanisms, nutrient interference, and fluoride accumulation, this book is ideally designed for environmental scientists, environmental engineers, agriculturalists, farmers, policymakers, government officials, research scholars, professors, and students studying in the fields of environmental engineering, biotechnology, nano-technology, bioscience, and environmental science.

Engineering Science Reference
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