Nature-Inspired Computing Applications in Advanced Communication Networks
Govind P. Gupta

With the rapid growth of technology in society, communication networks have become a heavily researched topic. Implementing these advanced systems is a challenge, however, due to the abundance of optimization problems within these networks. The use of meta-heuristic algorithms and nature-inspired computing has become a prevalent technique among researchers for solving these complex problems within communication networks. Despite its popularity, this specific computing technique lacks the appropriate amount of research that is needed for professionals to grasp a definite understanding. Nature-Inspired Computing Applications in Advanced Communication Networks is a collection of innovative research on the methods and applications of natural computation techniques and algorithms within communication systems such as wireless sensor networks, vehicular adhoc networks, and internet of things. While highlighting topics including mobile sensor deployment, routing optimization, and sleep scheduling, this book is ideally designed for researchers, network professionals, computer scientists, mathematicians, developers, scholars, educators, and students seeking to enhance their understanding of nature-inspired computing and its solutions within various advanced communication networks.

Engineering Science Reference
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